Canada’s Most Popular Betting Types Explored

There are a number of betting types that are popular with Canadians. Most of the popular ones are well known, although there are some lesser known ones too.

In recent years’ sports betting online has become wildly popular all over the world, as well as in Canada. There are a large number of markets and sports available for just about anyone who legally makes the cut and has access to the Internet via either a smart device or a computer. Many of these betting markets are well known, and popular for a reason.


The moneyline bet is possibly the most popular of all bets with Canadian punters, as it is simple, easy to understand you have a pretty good chance of getting it right. A moneyline bet is also known as a head to head, and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a bet on the winning team. Moneyline bets do not take into consideration handicaps or point spreads, they are pure and simple all about who will come out on top.

Of course, it is often quite easy to see which team will win in a match, and thus placing a moneyline bet does not come with very high risks. Any bet which is easy to make however will not pay out as much as a bet which has a higher risk. This is because the betting sites can’t simply give away huge amounts of cash all the time or they will swiftly go out of business. This means that although a moneyline bet is one of the simplest to make, it is also one of the lowest bets when it comes to profit.

Point Spread

The point spread, or handicap, is the next most popular bet for Canadian punters even if taking advantage of the online betting NZ has to offer. This is slightly complex system which was devised by bookies in order to make the game fairer in terms of betting. In every match or race there is a favourite and an underdog, so if the favourite was the only one who got bet on then bookies would quickly go out of business.

To avoid this, a handicap system is placed on the favourite, basically starting them on minus points before the game even begins. To win on the books they will then have to beat the losing team by a certain percentage, which makes predicting the outcome of the game that much more difficult. This allows punters to bet on the underdog as well as the favourite, as the proverbial playing field has been levelled. A point spread bet can end up being exceedingly lucrative, especially if the underdog has high odds against them and comes out on top despite them.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, or prop bets for short are the third most popular betting market in Canada. These are bets which do not fall into the main categories, and can often be pretty unique. There are, of course, your more regular prop bets such as what side the coin will land on, who will score first and whether a team will have an injury substitution within the first half.

Then there are the slightly wacky prop bets that some online betting sites offer. Here the Canadian punter can bet on pretty much anything, from whether there will be streaker on the field, to whether one of the team members will cry during the national anthem. These are very popular with punters as they add an element of fun to the game over and above the regular betting.

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