How to Boost Sports Betting Winnings

Many people actually make a living from betting on sports. By following a few simple tips and with hard work many bettors can increase their winnings

So much money is spent in the form of sports bets and unfortunately most of it is bet by those who are not really sure how to bet on sports.  Sports betting is not only based on random luck, and a sound knowledge of numerous factors will stand bettors in good stead.


Making the jump from amateur to professional means understanding how the various odds work.  A bettor will place a bet on who they think are more likely to win and sometimes this may even mean placing a bet on who they think will lose because if the odds are right it will still produce a positive outcome in the long term.  Amateur bettors will place a bet on the team they think has the best chance of winning, but the professional bettor will look at what the odds are and shop around for the best deals.  This enables professional bettors to make their money over the long term and this means looking out for outcomes that are often rated low by the bookies.  This may mean placing a bet on the underdog or sometimes on the favourite, but too only place a bet either way if the odds are favourable.

Emotional Betting

Many people place bets with their hearts and allow emotion to cloud their decisions, instead of thinking with their head for the best outcome.  This may mean betting out of loyalty for their home team or country.  Bookies will then adjust their odds according to the betting trends and this changes the odds to the favourite winning and not the team who has the best chance of winning.  This is good news for professional bettors who are only concerned with results.  Bettors should concentrate on the best outcome and not who they are loyal to.

Knowledge of Sports

Bettors should concentrate on sports that they know more about at the betting sites Australia has to offer.  Bettors are keeping an eye out for outcomes rather than the implied odds so they will need to know more about a game than the bookies and other bettors.  Most of the money is usually bet on high profile sporting events, and this is especially true when they are broadcast around the world, but serious bettors will stick to their usual bets.  Serious bettors will usually only place bets on a few types of sports so that they can focus on them.  It is advisable to not always bet on high profile games, but to rather try less popular sports or events which allows them the opportunity to grow in their knowledge of these sports.

Big Picture

Once bettors become serious they often begin doing research about the teams and players.  This is usually advisable for serious bettors who often have spreadsheets of their data compiled.  It does sound like a good idea but a distinction can be made between being serious about sports betting and actually making money from it.  Too many people get bogged down with small details, but it is better to rather use the data but to also understand their own likes and dislikes and the limitations of the data analysis.  Looking at the big picture rather than small irrelevant details.

Avoid Chasing Losses

No matter how good a bettor is there will always be losses and it is important for bettors to understand and realise this.  Moving on from a big loss is not easy, but forms an important part of betting on sports.  Losing money can sometimes mean that they become irrational and then make bad decisions, which may result in even more losses.  Also, bettors should never increase their bets when they lose.

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