What Hope Can Pistons Fans Have for This and Next Season?

Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are not having their best season. But, fans can be hopeful thanks to a lot of things.
(Photo credit: Photo 105495703 / Detroit Pistons © Mohamed Ahmed Soliman | Dreamstime.com)

Everyone knows that the Detroit Pistons should be playing better. Now, the team has lost their 9th game in a row and a lot of fans are asking themselves; what have we got to look forward to? The fans are the heartbeat of any team and it is always important to have them on side. But, after losing at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder, patience is wearing thin at the bottom of the table.

The best thing Detroit Pistons fans can do is hope. In fact, when you start to dig into it, there are a lot of positives that can give you hope for this and the next season. So, let’s take a look at some things that are going well and should be seen as a sign of encouragement for the future.

The Team Played Well in the First Half Again Oklahoma City Thunder

A lot of fans were disappointed to lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder at home. Since the teams are next to each other at the bottom of the table, there was hope that the team could pick up points this season. It was not meant to be. But, while the result was not what people hoped for, there was a lot of good play in the game that was promising. This included a good first half. In particular, Jerami Grant and Cade Cunningham played well, as well as Saddiq Bey having some good shots.

Cade Cunningham Starting to Show Promise

There was one player that really excited fans from the Draft. We are talking about Cade Cunningham. He is thought to be a promising player and someone that is believed to rise to the top in the NBA. Something he is known for is his work ethic and people have expected a lot from him. If you are into sports betting, he is one to watch. While the Detroit Pistons might not be having the best season, he is still a player that can bring excitement to the game. He is able to play in multiple positions and he is going to continue to get better. This brings a lot of hope for the end of the season, as well as leading into next season.

The Team is Young and Improving

Let’s not forget that the Detroit Pistons have a lot of young players on the team. This is something that fans can look forward to and it can mean a real threat in the coming seasons of the Eastern Conference. All that is necessary is for the team to add some veterans and this can help those players to learn and grow every more. it is likely that this is something the Detroit Pistons will be looking out for. Having a young team might seem like it is a disadvantage. However, it means that there is future promise and this is something that is important. It could mean being back in the Playoffs soon.

Could Next Season Be Better?

When your team is not winning or playing at their best, it can be difficult to remain positive. But, there is no doubt that there is plenty of potential in the Detroit Pistons. They have a lot of young players in their team, as well as Cade Cunningham improving all the time. The team also started to perform better as a unit. These are positives that fans should take into the future. In particular, next season may be when the team are used to playing with each other and are able to excel and win games.


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