Want a Sports Themed Bedroom? Here’s What to Do

Sports Bedroom

Here are some decorating ideas if you are looking for a sports themed bedroom.

A bedroom gives a unique and private resting place which you can conveniently relax in the comfort of your home. It offers a secure place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, creating a personal theme that works best with your preferences is ideal. One such idea includes a sports theme.

When you love a particular game, you can also reflect your appreciation for it in different aspects of your bedroom. Imagine going to your basketball practice every time after school, then returning home and seeing the same theme spread over various parts of your bedroom.

The feeling is fantastic, and you feel as if you have the court game away from the real one. Thanks to different designs, you can engage your imaginative ability to create a fun and engaging sports theme for your bedroom. Plus, there isn’t a single all in one rule that characterizes what you should implement in your sports theme idea and what you should avoid altogether. The guide below offers practical and realistic approaches to achieving the above.


One of the best ways to implement a sports theme for your bedroom is by using the décor items specific to the game. For instance, if you are a baseball fan, you can use the bat and balls to place them in strategic points of your room to offer a unique focal point.

Adding that together with the baseball custom bedding to include the blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, and even comforter would look great.


Another way you could never go wrong in a sports-themed bedroom is the proper use of bold paint. For instance, you can use a striped background or even green to show the love of football. Additionally, you can also use your favorite team’s color on the walls. The best way to go about painting your bedroom is to have a primary color palette, which you can use significantly. After that, you can implement other secondary colors, which will use sparingly in bringing out the overall outcome of your paint colors.


Different at work features embody the real essence of other practices in the sports field. You can never go wrong with the football game’s perfect mural taking a significant chunk of your wall. You can also twist the photo wall up a bit and implement it as a custom headboard. Please think of how cool it would be. You can also have art paintings of different aspects of your favorite game and hang them across other parts of your room, especially on the accent wall. 

It can include your favorite team and players, the boil, court or field, and even a portrait of your best overall player of all time.

Use Sports Items as Art

To achieve perfect artistic impressions, you don’t only have to rely on paintings and murals. Additionally, you can also integrate different sports items as art craft spread over various points in your room. For instance, you can include the net score bag, gloves, and even trophies. Ideally, you can also create a custom wall fitting with trophies, awards, and even certificate impressions that show intense passion for the game.

Sports Trophies

Sports Bedding

Another fun way that your sports theme can speak out for itself is by having the matching piece of beddings to its name. Additionally, you can personalize it depending on the type of sports you love.

For instance, you may choose different sports beddings as a basketball fan or even a football fan. Every sport will have other unique bedding ideas as seen at Visionbedding.com. The beddings can include comforters, the duvet cover, and even the bedsheets.

Don’t forget the pillowcase covers too. For instance, let’s say you are a basketball lover. You can choose a duvet cover showcasing the custom brown with black stripes ball over its surface. Additionally, you can also customize your blanket with a 3D illustration of the basketball court.

You can also make the pillows using the favorite color of your basketball league team. You can also create different photo images on your fabrics to use in your bedroom’s different spots as hanging linen on your bed. You can also interchange your football theme pillows with other pillowcases ideas anytime you’re doing laundry.

The Floor

Imagine an excellent 3D sports idea print spread across your floor. For instance, you can have it as the ball’s representation in the game and even the field. You can also go slowly on the floors but instead use sports theme floor rugs that are easy on the eye. They also offer comfort in avoiding stepping on the hard floor, which may also be cold sometimes.

Furniture Fittings and Accessories

Another fun way you can spruce up your bedroom is to reinvent the kind of furniture you have in the room. For instance, you can create a custom bed taking the shape of your favorite game in the field. You can also opt for a fancy table and chair mimicking the shape of the ball. Whatever exists in your imagination is up to you to conceptualize it and create a fancy sports décor idea in your room.

Another fun way is by integrating a custom headboard fitting that takes the shape of an aspect of your favorite game. Additionally, you can also create custom light fittings that take the ball’s form in your favorite spot, like in football. It can include custom-made chandeliers that have white and black interludes.

Remember the Walls

Your walls significantly influence the outcome of your bedroom. While it is a good idea to paint specific colors inclined to the particular sport you love, you can implement other ideas. For instance, you can create an accent wall that offers a unique approach to how you go about your activities. An accent wall has different colors from the available parts of allowance and will give a unique identity to what you showcase. Also, do not forget to include fancy wall curtains giving a taste of the game.

Ultimately, remember you have no limitations on what you can’t exploit when creating a sports theme for your bedroom. You can explore different options as outlined above and make a fantastic room that you will always take pride in whenever you look at it.

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