SurgarHouse Hires Pro NFL Analyst David Tuckman For Weekly Picks

SugarHouse Casino

SurgarHouse Hired Pro NFL Analyst David Tuckman for weekly picks

The SugarHouse is the latest casino to join the ever-popular sports-betting fray. It is the only casino within the heart of Philadelphia, making it a perfect location for any sports bettors. Interestingly, it is the third establishment in the said region to make a move and offer sports betting.

Of course, Sugarhouse understands that sports betting is no moonlight and roses. Considering the frequency of the changes in the game – and it happens on a daily basis – people can really expect newer deals to take place. This is not to mention the fact that additional features will also be added.

Hiring A Professional Sports Bettor

So, how does Sugarhouse take care of this dilemma? How is it going to make a real sport betting atmosphere among its bettors? Well, all of these are done by hiring a professional sports bettor in the name of David Tuchman. Yes, that is right – SugarHouse bring in NFL analyst for weekly picks. His task is to help betters come up with their own strategy when it comes to picking NFL games.

It is worth noting that Tuchman is the host of a well-known program called “Tuck’s Takes.” The latter airs every Sunday morning and features him giving takes on four games of a particular day. SugarHouse believes that by doing so, they can significantly enhance the experience of every bettor. In a press release, it suggests that they are all about “winning,” and it is something that they celebrate.

SugarHouse’s goal is to give bettors information and/or tips in order to come up with well-informed picks. From there, players can simply compare with others or with Tuchman’s, so they could just try to beat him every week. This does make sense, though. It is somehow a win-win situation for all. Not only does it help bettors make smart decisions and picks, but it also makes the overall game a much exciting one to experience.

A Little Tuchman Background

Tuchman has been successful in building a career in the world of sports betting, which he conjuncts to the current NFL season. As mentioned, he is the host of “Tuck’s Take,” which is basically a video series in partnership with SugarHouse’s very own online casino and brand new sports betting vertical.  In the series, he will be giving out his own go-to NFL picks every single week.

For people who only knew him for his poker endeavor, it is really surprising to see him embracing a role that involves sports betting – let alone be an expert of it. In the poker world, for instance, he has become an icon, thanks to his play-by-play voice of the World Series of Poker live stream.

In reality, however, Tuckman has been vocal about his passion towards sports. The New Yorker says that he cannot deny the fact that he is gravitating towards fun and creative gigs – and try to be part with as many as he could. Regardless of where he channels his energy, he believes that sports keep his boat floating.

The Amazing Tuck Picks

In the first week of the highly celebrated NFL season, Tuchman managed to go four for four in all of his picks. Not everyone believed his picks at first, but as soon as he nailed those numbers, all eyes were on him. Things even escalated as soon as week two entered. During this time, he got three for four, as he lost the Panthers-Falcons game (Tuchman, at that time, went for the Panthers hoping they will get the win). The only catch, though, is that Atlanta proved to be the much better team, resulting in 24-31. Finally, in the third week, Tuchman decided to take things differently; hence, he got three out of four again. Unlike before, he picked the Bangels against the fan-favorite Panthers. And boy, he got it right. Fans were shocked with the results, as the victory featured 21-31.

SugarHouse Sitting Pretty Well In Sports Betting

As mentioned above, SugarHouse became the third online sportsbook in New Jersey. The site, in particular, surfaced just a day following the jumpstart of playMGM’s Garden State offering. Unlike its contemporaries, it is the first online sportsbook to successfully offer a complete integration of its very own online casino platform. This enables players to utilize a single wallet, regardless of which type of bet they would like to make.

It is worth noting that SugarHouse’s sportsbook engine is highly powered by Kambi. The latter is a robust innovation that features the newest facilities on the sports betting market. Moreover, the site gives players access to an intuitive live ticket system, which is also made possible through the partnership with Kambi.

Being intuitive and easy to use, the live ticket system gives players the ability to cash out their tickets. That way, they can obtain modest payouts at any time they decide to do so during a game.

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