Student Ready to Sue Bet365 for Being Cheated out of £1 Million Winnings

A student, who made a wager on horse racing, is willing to sue one of the top British bookmakers.

A student, who made a wager on horse racing, is willing to sue one of the top British bookmakers. The reason is that the operator refused to pay out the 1 million pounds that the player won. According to gambling experts, the case looks like a lost battle.

The 19-year-old Megan McCann sent her complaint to the High Court in Northern Ireland. The student wrote a document against Hillside LP – the UK Sports company that is in charge of Bet365. The online betting firm is run by one of the wealthiest businesswomen in Britain. That is going to make winning the case quite difficult for Miss McCann.

The student lives near Belfast. She claims that Bet365 owes her 1 million and 9000 GBP. The company which is worth 3.2 billion pounds won’t have any trouble to pay that amount. The head of the betting firm is Denise Coates, who is one of the co-founders of the operator.

Wagers That Bet365 Sees as a Fraud

Miss McCann made a complicated bet on four horse racing events. She said that she wagered about 25,000 pounds on 12 horses. The outcome of each race was obscure, but Miss McCann managed to overcome the odds and won 985 thousand GBP from Bet365. However, the betting company and its chief executive declined to pay the winnings. If you look at the blog of, you will notice that isn’t the only case when the British bookie has had such issues.

The gaming operator accused the student of breaching the terms and conditions for online gambling. The firm believes that a third party was involved in the wager of Miss McCann. Since the betting stake was a result of outside interference, the wager is invalid. Gambling by receiving help from a third party is considered cheating. That is why Bet365 is accusing Miss McCann of committing a fraud.

The punter denied the convictions regarding any wrongdoing. Miss McCann states that she was playing by the rules. The success of her gamble included about 960 of the so-called ‘Lucky 15’ bets with a stake of 13 pounds on each of them. The wagers were placed on the 22 of June 2016 when the competitions took place in different parts of Ireland. The 12 horses were running in 6.10 at Bath, later in the 7.20 at the district of Kempton and two more races in 7.00 and 8.30 at the town of Naas.

The Lucky 15 Accumulator Wager

Punters can use a combination of ‘Lucky 15’ to bet on several horses at once. Winning allows the player to generate accumulated profits through a series of wagers. People call such gaming options accumulators. In other words, it’s a form of betting where you need to guess the outcome of all the matches in order to make a big win.

Although the accumulator is among the riskiest gambles out there, the variety of combinations and the potential for big profits make it an attractive gaming option. All the top online bookmakers offer the feature on the mobile version of their websites. Placing an accumulator requires time and effort, which is why betting on the go makes it easier. Punters can review all the available wagers anytime and anyplace to plan how to play. Members of the gambling community who decide to visit this site will get a load of the best applications for online gambling.

Miss McCann trusted Bet365 when she used the website to play. However, she didn’t receive the grand prize for her winning combination of bets. She even didn’t get her initial stake of 25,000 GBP back.

Why the Student Wants to Sue Bet365

Enraged by the refusal of the betting operator, Miss McCann took measures by looking for legal help. The lawyers who represent the student sent a complaint to the High Court in Belfast in May. According to the writ, Bet365 and its parent company, based in Gibraltar, are being accused of a breach of contract. The claimant demands 1 million and 9000 pounds compensation for damages.

The documentation attached to the writ proves what happened. One day after she scored her ‘big win’, Miss McCann went on to contact bet365 about withdrawing her money. The student received congratulations from a representative of the operator for her success. The employee of the company confirmed that Miss McCann could withdraw her winnings. The communication was carried on the ‘live chat’ service of the gambling site.

On the next day after the conversation, another agent of Bet365 contacted Miss McCann via phone call. The employee asked her several questions. After the student had answered all the queries regarding the wager and her identity, the data was confirmed by the representative.

Miss McCann was sure that her answers had satisfied the employee. She was told that her winnings would be ready for shipment in the next two days. However, no incomes arrived. Instead of that, the gaming account of the gambler got suspended, and afterwards – it was even closed. Even the 25 thousand pounds that she wagered were not paid back to her.

Banning Gambling via Third Party

The reason why Bet365 refused to pay the winnings to the player was the violation of the betting rules. The bookmaker blames Miss McCann for using the help of a third party while playing. As a gaming operator, Bet365 does not accept wagers that are not placed by the customer on his or her own. The stake has to be entirely yours.

The lawyers of Miss McCann claim that she didn’t agree to that rule. That was not the only requirement which was kept hidden among other terms and condition. The lawyers stated that the descriptions were so long and complex, that an average person could not understand them. If such rules are made clear to the players, that could prevent many people from gambling.

The lawyers mentioned that accepting a rule that bans the involvement of a third party is the same as robbing the players of their winnings. It is possible that the case of Miss McCann could have consequences for all the people who bet online. According to her lawyers, the terms and conditions of Bet365 are nothing different than a game where heads mean that your opponent wins, while tails mean that you lose.

They also said that there is nothing complicated about the case. Any gambler who has placed a winning bet has the right to collect his or her winnings.

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