Most Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Horseback Riders

Horseback Riders

Horse riding is an amazing activity if you enjoy speed and being around horses.

Horse riding is an amazing activity if you enjoy speed and being around horses. Movies make it look like it is an easy thing to achieve, but riding a horse is not that simple. You cannot simply sit on a saddle and expect things to easily flow from there. As you can imagine, this hobby can also turn into a bad experience very quickly, if you do not do it properly. You can get in an accident resulting in serious injury to yourself. Evidently, you will want to avoid this at all costs.

It is natural to make mistakes as you learn a new skill, however, it is good to know what are some of the mistakes people usually make. Knowing this will make you aware of things that could happen to you, thus you can avoid it. In this article, we will discuss the most common mistakes made by beginner horseback riders.

Hands Too High and Reins Too Long

It is natural for individuals to use both hands and arms to maintain their balance. This is why inexperienced beginner horse riders tend to rely on the reins to keep their balance. This along with longer reins than required will make you lose control. In order to keep your balance, it is important that you keep your hands at level with your hips and have a light grasp on the reins. 

Gripping Too Tightly With Your Legs

It can be quite scary to ride on the horse’s back for the first time, causing you to hold on to the saddle with your legs like your life depends on it. However, this is not the solution for this problem, and it can actually make the situation worse and more difficult for you to lose your balance. Make sure that you relax once you sit on the saddle and sit still and straight up. 

Not Having the Appropriate Equipment

There is a reason why the majority of horseback riders usually wear very similar attires. This is crucial as you need specific clothing and equipment in order to do this activity safely. Some beginner horseback riders will wear any clothing they have at hand without understanding what is required of them. You should wear long trousers to ensure that your legs do not get chafed as well as Ariat country boots that will protect your feet. You must have gloves and a helmet as well – remember that safety should always come first – Investing in this is key for a safe ride. 

Getting Ahead of Themselves

It is human nature to want to quickly develop. Learning a new activity is always fun, although it requires us to learn the very few basics to start with. This can turn any activity boring very quickly for the learners. However, it is essential that you learn the fundamentals instead of rushing through the different stages. Failing to do this can result in serious injury to yourself or the horse.

Horseback Riders

Not Getting Proper Lessons

The best thing to do when you are learning how to horseback ride is to learn from a professional who is an expert in this field. It will not be good for you and the horse to learn this new skill on your own if you are not sure what you are doing. When you look for the support of someone who has a specific knowledge, you will be properly guided through the process and understand how to progress.

Feet in the Wrong Position

Another common mistake is for individuals to have their feet wrongly positioned. This can be uncomfortable for riders, as well as unsafe. The correct position for your feet should be the ball of your foot resting on the stirrup tread. As previously discussed, make sure that your legs are not tight around the horse.

Holding Your Breath

You may not even realize that you are doing this, but it is actually a common mistake for those riding horses and not just the newbies! Holding your breath can cause you to become tense, which will not help your posture or your concentration. Remember to breathe and relax and go with the flow. 

Looking Down

Looking down is a mistake that many people make when first getting into horseback riding. Whether they believe this will help with balance, they are worried about falling, or simply because they are mesmerized by the horse, it is vital that you look up and concentrate on what you are doing. This will support your posture, as discussed above, and help with your balance.

here will always be mistakes whenever you learn a new activity, and although this is normal, it is crucial that these are avoided as much as possible. This page should provide you with a clear insight into the most common mistakes made by beginner horseback riders so that you can prevent these from happening to you.

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