Why KEP Helmets Are So Popular With Equestrians

KEP Helmets

KEP Helmets are the go to choice for Equestrians around the world.

For someone who loves horseback riding, choosing the most solid and trusted helmet is a must. Equestrian, which involves riding, driving, or vaulting with horses, is a form of recreational activity and a part of competitive sport that includes show jumping, tent pegging, polo, racing, rodeo, dressage, endurance riding, and vaulting. The sport has been part of many local and international sporting activities such as the Olympics.

An equestrian helmet is a prerequisite when riding horses. It is protective headgear with specifications designed to protect the rider’s head. This headgear is made with a hard shell on the outside to cover a rider’s cranium in the event of falling from a horseback riding. It secures the equestrian’s head from hard objects that may hammer him/her during the activity. This is highly needed, especially for competitive riding tournaments.

For the type of helmet to use, equestrians prefer the most reliable product made with strong and credible materials. The helmet must meet the standards for safety and designs, certified enough to be worn throughout the event without any hazards and complications for the rider’s side. Note that these helmets are not the typical types used when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. These helmets are made with specific requirements and riding guidelines. Ever wonder why KEP horse riding helmets are popular with equestrians? Read on to know why.

What is KEP Italia?

Based in Italy, KEP helmets are the latest innovation for horseback riding headgears. It promotes quality performances for aspiring equestrians that provides stability and composure. Since the success of Samshield helmets, manufacturers take after the concept of making a fresh approach in providing the best helmet products for equestrians. KEP Italia uses unique but credible materials. The outer shell is made of fine materials that provide enough safety and elegance to the riders. It has a combination of style, practicality, and safety. Aside from keeping riders protected, it provides comfort and control for air circulation that keeps equestrians cool and dry.

KEP helmets can also be customised. Equestrians can choose their own design before ordering it for usage. The KEP Custom Helmet Designer helps in designing the helmet of your choice. You can choose to change the colour, pieces of the helmet, and its overall appearance. If you want to look cool with this helmet on, personalise your choice and keep it unique!

KEP Italia takes pride as having the safest helmet there is. The number one reason? It’s the ultra-lightweight feature of their helmets. The helmets are designed with the right proposition and class. Compared to your normal helmet at home, KEP helmets are much lighter than expected. But this feature doesn’t negate its safety capacity. As a matter of fact, it is the safest among other products you could ever name.

Why KEP helmets are important?

Accidents are events that cannot be predicted. And wearing protective equipment or gear in any sporting events is beyond necessary. In attending rodeo shows, such as horseback riding, you must learn how important it is to keep yourself latched on the horse’s back. One mistake in an equestrian discipline may lead you to fall and get injured. Above all, if there is no proper helmet worn, you may inflict damage to your head, and worse, to your brain.

Just like driving your motorcycle without any helmets on, chances are big for you to get head injuries. And this isn’t a pretty sight, right? Wearing a helmet is not only about following protocols, but its main purpose is to protect you from head traumas and lacerations. In choosing the best helmet, always make sure that the visor won’t break. Make sure that the materials used in creating the helmet are credible and well trusted.

In most cases, wearing helmets makes your head sweat. This is why comfortable helmets are produced. For equestrians, helmets such as KEP helmets are chosen because of its soft and fit textiles. It has an exceptional air ventilation system that keeps the riders at a pace even when it’s blazing hot in the field. On top of that, KEP Italia helmets are certified as per compliance to the CE, ASTM, and BS safety guidelines.

Widely Used Helmets for Equestrian – KEP

Delivering the highest quality of helmets to equestrians, KEP Italia has proven world-class contribution to the sport. Using its state-of-the-art materials, the company has established a reputation that gives equestrians the confidence to show their talents in the field. This transformation has elevated the level of the sport. With its reliable rage, partnered with pleasant designs, equestrians are guaranteed to strike the spot in the turf.

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