Bill Benter: The Man Behind the World’s Best Horse Racing Algorithm

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is the man behind the world’s best horse racing algorithm.

Horse racing has long been an international phenomenon, and betting on it just as much so. The thrill of watching powerful, majestic animals going head to head in a competition of speed and skill is heightened further by the rush of placing a wager, whether big or small. That’s why when Bill Benter developed one of the most successful horse race analyzing software programs on the market, the gambling world was in an uproar.

The algorithm is what helped him dominate the horse racing market in Hong Kong, and allowed him to expand his gambling enterprises all over the world. After establishing bases in the United States and across Asia, he reportedly began raking in $10 million a year. He is known for being one of the world’s first professional gambling billionaires. Benter lives every gambler’s dream. Gamblers at online casinos such as 1xBet play carrying the hope that they will make a fortune as Benter has.

Rather than relying on fate’s hand like most gamblers, however, Benter built his wins with a near-infallible computer software program that allows the user to analyze, with deadly precision, horse racing stats, and probable outcomes. Benter’s story is inspiring as well as informative.

Promising Beginnings

Bill Benter was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and spent most of his childhood years there. It was clear even early on that Benter was mathematically gifted, as he often worked out complex equations for the fun of it. These foundations are perhaps the earliest signs of what was in store for his future.

After securing a university degree in physics, he began using his skills for blackjack card counting at Las Vegas tables. After seven years, he was banned from every casino along the Vegas strip.

Upon meeting fellow gambler Alan Woods, the two combined their expertise in horse racing and computers.

They became partners and moved to Hong Kong in 1984. When they arrived, they began developing mathematical strategies and formulas that would help them accurately determine horse race outcomes. Benter used math to identify different racing factors and gave them according to likelihood values. These prototypes would eventually lead Benter to his billion-dollar algorithm.

Unbeatable Numbers

Benter was eventually able to develop a software that assessed sixteen key variables that affected horses, jockeys, and racers competing at a track. Using different prices and probabilities, he and his team were able to make bets that were accurate almost all of the time.

Every model improvement of this software has seen the inclusion of a new factor. The latest model analyzes over 130 factors and assesses prices for bets to determine how to make the most amount of money. Now, Benter makes between 5 to 10 million dollars every day.


Aside from being revered in the world of gambling and practical mathematics, Benter is also admired for being an extremely generous philanthropist. He and his wife Vivian actively look for charities and foundations all over the world. Their monetary support has helped schools, human rights groups, political campaigns, and more. Benter is a prominent Democrat and often makes big donations to Democrat candidate campaigns.

On top of all this, Benter is also an educator. He is a visiting professor at the Southampton Management School, under the Center for Risk Research. He has lectured at Harvard University, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and many other reputable educational institutions all over the world. He also makes generous donations to the University of Pittsburgh, his hometown university.

Bill Benter’s story is one of prodigious skill and vision. Despite his brilliance, however, his humanitarian endeavors are perhaps the biggest thing we can admire about him.


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No. Horse Points
1 Flightline 351
2 Life Is Good 306
3 Olympiad 292
4 Jackie's Warrior 282
5 Clairiere 142
5 Country Grammer 142
7 Epicenter 121
8 Regal Glory 89
9 Nest 87
10 Hot Rod Charlie 48
As of August 1, 2022

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