7 Tournament Strategies To Win on an Online Poker Game


Poker is one of those games that are easy to get into but hard to master. Here are seven tournament strategies to help you win.

Poker is one of those games that are easy to get into but hard to master. Just look at the number of people who have made it big by playing poker. You will probably find that they are few and far between, as poker requires a long-term strategy and plenty of patience. If you have already tried playing poker in a brick and mortar casino, you might be tempted to try online poker for a change. The poker champions at IDN Poker assert that online poker tournaments are not much different from the traditional ones you can join at casinos, but they also point out that you still need to tweak your strategy to suit this new mode of poker.

If you are interested in competing in online poker tournaments and want to make some quick cash, check the next 7 tips and strategies to ensure a swift victory!

Get Ready to Play for Several Hours

Unlike standard online poker games, tournaments can go on for several hours. In fact, it is not even uncommon to have a poker tournament that takes a whole day to find its winner. Since online poker is pretty popular now that people cannot go to standard casinos, you should expect to face some fierce competition, which will make the tournament continue for longer. So, it only makes sense that you should prepare yourself mentally and physically for the tournament. This means that you should eliminate any distractions and find a relaxing place where you can focus on the game. Additionally, make sure that your internet connection is up to the task since you do not want to suddenly find yourself disconnected. You may also keep some snacks at hand. Who knows, all the adrenaline and excitement might end up making you hungry!

Choose a Small Tournament

Even though you might think that you are ready for those huge tournaments that have more than 50 players, you should select a smaller one, at least at first. Small tournaments might not offer the same level of excitement that bigger ones do, but they are much safer, especially for beginners. Also, competing in a small tournament gives you a higher chance of actually reaching the final round because you will have a smaller number of rounds to get through. On the other hand, large-scale tournaments come with higher stakes and bigger rewards, but they are much harder to win. Thus, start with small tournaments and work your way up to more competitive ones.

Bet Small

The idea of betting big and dominating the competition is one of those fantasies that novice poker players have. However, if you do not have the skills needed to back up your high bets, you will definitely end up losing a lot of money. Because it is no use crying over spilled milk, you need to be careful about how high you place your bets. Starting with a small bankroll is markedly safer than betting all you have at once. The more you progress in the tournament, the higher you can bet. Yet, always start with low stakes when you are still in the first few rounds, and let other players eliminate each other.

Observe Other Players

When competing in an online poker tournament, you do not have the luxury of gauging your competitors’ facial reactions, but this does not mean you cannot read them. There are other ways of reading your opponents, which include finding patterns in their playstyles. For instance, if one of your opponents is always eager to raise then suddenly takes some time to do so, there is a big chance that they are bluffing. Furthermore, expect your opponents to become much more aggressive after they lose a hand. You can then use this aggression to trick and eliminate them from the tournament. So, take some time to observe other players instead of focusing solely on your cards.

Don’t Succumb to Tilt

Tilt is one of those notorious concepts that pro poker players are familiar with. Admittedly, online poker tournaments can be frustrating if you are not steadily winning or progressing. Nevertheless, you should never let your frustration affect your playstyle, as other players might notice this and use it to eliminate you. If you have lost a hand, take a few minutes to blow off some steam, and then get back to it with a fresh perspective. Think of this mini loss as a way of improving your strategy. The bottom line is that you must not adopt an overly aggressive playstyle just because you feel threatened, as it can cost you a lot of money.

Eliminate as Many Players as You Can

We’ve already mentioned that you should let your opponents eliminate each other in the first few rounds, but this passive playstyle is not suited for the later rounds. If you find that you are the leading player with the largest number of chips, you can use this to your advantage. At this point, you are allowed to bluff since other players will be intimidated by your previous wins and more malleable to your deception, which is going to make them fold faster. You should also focus on eliminating the strongest players to make the final round easier to win.

Don’t Let Overconfidence Be Your Achilles’ Heel

It is easy to let overconfidence cloud your judgment and make you adopt an irresponsible strategy. This is especially true if you become a finalist; you may start thinking that you’ve got it in the bag and jeopardize your chances of winning the tournament. When you reach the final round, you should take a few minutes to relax and refocus on the game. It also helps to think of all the hard work you’ve put in to reach this point. Optimally, you should refrain from bluffing too much or underestimating your opponent to be crowned the winner.

Online poker tournaments can be plenty of fun, especially if you are a pro. Yet, you can still win these tournaments as a novice if you follow our fool-proof strategies. By choosing a small tournament, sticking to low stakes at first, and knowing how to analyze your opponents’ unique strategies, you can easily dominate your competition. Just don’t forget to try one-to-one online poker first to get ready for the big leagues!

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