7 Horse Racing Legends 

Horse Racing Legends

Seven horse racing legends include Triple Crown winner Secretariat.

Horse racing is one of the biggest sports across the globe, attracting thousands of viewers and bettors. If you do your homework, you can win big on these races, take money from the bookies, and watch outstanding horse racing at the same time! 

Money aside, there has been some fantastic horse racing over the years that has become a legend. Whether it’s whispered about in hushed tones or the memories are shared loudly in a bar, we bet there are some you still haven’t heard! So before you look for your 2021 breeders cup contenders, let’s take a look back at some of the horse racing legends. 

Today we have seven legends for you, so sit back, relax, and get ready to hear about some fantastic horses! 

Seven Horse Racing Legends 

Man o’ War

Man o’ War is credited with bringing American horse racing from the dumps back in the 1920s. He made his debut just two years after birth and was considered a contender from day one. Man o’ War won three stakes in just 17 days and went on to win 20 out of his 21 career races. 

The one race he lost? He came second and started with his back turned! He dominated the horseracing scene to the point where other owners didn’t want their horses to race against him! They knew they didn’t have a chance of winning against him. 

Man o’ War became a pundit favorite and was guaranteed on racing cards. Despite not being allowed into the Triple Crown, his offspring have produced over 200 champions! He is considered a horse racing legend and quite rightly! 


Seabiscuit comes from Man o’ War’s lineage, so greatness was always to be expected from his horse! He didn’t have the best start, though. Sea Biscuit was considered lazy by his owners and lost his first 17 races! It wasn’t until he won two races at Narragansett Park that he became well known. 

His second race at Narragansett Park he set a record for too! His unlikely rise to fame saw him transcend greatness on the tracks! The underdog horse story resonated with many, and he became a popular race horse. A success story where the horse rises from a low point to success is one we all enjoy. 


Secretariat dominated the scene and is a legend most people know. Winning the US Triple Crown in 1973, his competition seemed non-existent; no one could rival him.  Secretariat had a winning margin of 31 lengths, a record in any Triple Crown event! 

With the moniker “Big Red,” Secretariat earned over a million dollars during his career, winning 16 races, securing three draws, and just one defeat! He is considered a true thoroughbred legend and one we will talk about for years to come! 

Seattle Slew

Until 2018, Seattle slew was the only racehorse to win the US Triple Crown without losing beforehand! The horse was voted American Horse of the Year in 1977, and it’s no wonder why! His accolades and awards are vast, winning the Champion Juvenile Cold, Three-year-Old, and Older Male Horse from 1976-1978. 

Despite a career break and battles with his health, he came back better than ever, coming within seconds of breaking the world record in the Marlboro Cup! He was an incredibly popular horse that went on to father other successful racehorses. A true legend that won people’s hearts during the golden era of American horse racing. 

Seattle Slew Wins 1977 Belmont Stakes


Winx is a mare that has achieved legend status! She has won the racehorse highest level races with a whipping 25 grade/group 1 success and a world record, the only horse to do so! She is also the third horse to be inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame while still in training! 

She’s one of the more recent horses and has managed to earn more prize money than any other Southern Hemisphere horse ever! If that isn’t deserving of a legend status, we don’t know what is! She also held the Australian Horse of the Year title for four consecutive years, proving her worth as a legendary racehorse. 


Dipping back in time, Kincsem is one of the most famous racehorses to come from Eastern Europe. She had an undefeated career over four seasons and a world record streak of 54 runs! 

She also won several races in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and the UK. Kincsem won the Goodwood Cup, Grand Prix de Deauville, and Grosser Preis von Baden in a few weeks, winning the latter three times! Only one other horse has been able to match her size. 

She set the bar for horse racing and remains a legend to this day. 

Makybe Diva

Completing our list is Makybe Diva, who was shipped from England to Australia, where she earned her legendary status. She has won the Melbourne Cup three times, with no horse able to take that record from her! 

She might not have the most flawless record, but she is a consistent racehorse, winning time and time again at Flemington, one of the top horse racing tracks! She’s been named Australia Racehorse of the Year twice and Champion Australian Stayer three times. Makybe Diva is most certainly a legend, with a long list of success stories to her name!

Makybe Diva Wins 2005 Melbourne Cup

Final thoughts

And there you have it, seven horse racing legends! All of these horses have more than earned their legendary status through wonderful wins, outstanding comebacks, and a wealth of medals between them. Whether you use this list to learn more about race horses or help place future bets, we hope it’s been helpful! 


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No. Horse Points
1 Flightline 351
2 Life Is Good 306
3 Olympiad 292
4 Jackie's Warrior 282
5 Clairiere 142
5 Country Grammer 142
7 Epicenter 121
8 Regal Glory 89
9 Nest 87
10 Hot Rod Charlie 48
As of August 1, 2022

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