5 Dimes Racebook

Check out The 5Dimes Rebate Racebook!

Known for offering a great bonus plan and great lines at their sportsbook, 5Dimes is also a premier online destination for horse bettors at their racebook.

There is one major difference between the racebook at 5Dimes and the racebook at every other online betting shop on the Internet. At 5Dimes they give you two different racebooks to place your bets at with each offering a different bonus.

The two different racebook options at 5Dimes are the Plus 10% Racebook and the Rebate Racebook. Let’s start by looking at the Plus 10% Racebook. At this racebook you’ll receive track odds plus 10% on any winning WIN or exotic bet at any Major track. You’ll also receive an extra 10% on any winning WIN bet at the minor tracks that 5Dimes offers betting at as well. An extra 10% going into your bankroll on every winning bet can sure add up over time.

The other option at 5Dimes, the Rebate Racebook is pretty self explanatory. The 5Dimes Rebate Racebook offers all players a cash rebate of up to 9% on their daily bet volume, win or lose every day of the year. There are no minimum requirements you need to meet to earn a rebate and there is also no maximum on how much money can be rebated back into your account. It can sure take the sting out of a losing bet to know you’ll end up with a bit of that loss back in your bankroll.

Now that you know how you can bet on the horses at 5Dimes what are the other reasons to bet there? For starters they all the Majors tracks in American and Canada covered, so if you’re looking for a race you’re guaranteed to find it. They also cover races at most minor race tracks giving you even more betting options.

5Dimes also offers all the horses betting types you would want. The basics are there of course such as win, place and show, as well as the more advanced exotics like exactas, trifectas and superfectas.

Signing up at 5Dimes also gets you access to the 5Dimes Sportsbook, which offers some of the best line and props on all the Majors sports such as MLB, NFL, college football and the NBA.