Horse BettingTips

There are betting strategies for the advanced horseplayer as well as basic rules for the novice bettor. has compiled some of the sharpest horse handicapping minds in America to provide analysis, tips and insights into what makes a particular horse run well on a particular track. They will use their experience and network of contacts to make sure you have the latest, most relevant information before post time.


Basic Horse Racing Tips
Taking a look at a few basic horse racing tips you can use to make sure that you increase your chances of winning.

Handicapping Track Configurations By Brian Mulligan
Brian explains the importance of knowing each tracks configuration when handicapping horses that are shipping in.

Polytrack Handicapping By Brian Mulligan
Mulligan points out some of the differences in handicapping for a synthetic surface.

Handicapping Maiden Races By Michael Dempsey
Michael advises punters to not shy away from wagering on maiden races.

Talk The Talk By Brian Mulligan
Brian explains the roll of a jockey agent and a few terms that you’ll come across

Back To Basics By Brian Mulligan
A solid starting guide to handicapping horses for the beginner to novice horse bettor.

Pre Kentucky Derby Handicapping Considerations By Brian Mulligan
Bettors should filter some of the Kentucky Derby hype in the week leading up to the the big race.

Kentucky Derby Betting Tips By Michael Dempsey
Michael Dempsey looks at some Derby handicapping angles to look at some to disregard.

Pace Makes The World Go Round By Brian Mulligan
Having a good idea on how the pace of the race will unfold is important step in handicapping.

Form and Class By Brian Mulligan
Brian looks at two very important aspects to consider when betting on horses in form and class of the horse.

The Bias Game By Brian Mulligan
Mulligan notes that knowing what the track bias was on each race can be a key factor in handicapping a race.